We Share This Space

by SpudGun

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released November 7, 2016



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SpudGun Dublin, Ireland

SpudGun are a 5-8 piece psychedelic space goo band from various planets who melt various genres together in a cosmic fondue to reveal tales of their adventures through space

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Track Name: Sandpaperteeth

Following dry throat crack fractal
Fall out of talent talented people fall around me
Aptitude drools and
Sandpaper teeth grind chipped jewels

Silent and side on and silent and side on I stand
Because silently standing is good looking worried is bad
Wednesdays I watch waves a twisted smile its
Calendar time

Running round it makes no difference
I'll give up before I'm middle aged
Bakery visit every day
I can't think of another way

Comment and comment and lead yourself over a cliff
Minor cacophany bouncer limp handshake
Try my casanova moves but no one seems to know my name
The crowd is way too young and I look awkward

Lead crumbs in grey page stain think I file my nails again
Curl up and curl up and try to remember unfurling
Can I've another shot I know another game
I try not to imagine that tomorrow will be the same
Track Name: We Share This Space
In just one moment it makes it all worthwhile
A weightless silence
We see ourselves for what we are
The light has held away a tighter breath that folds apart

A moment holds you
When sharper senses numb
To what is around us
The lives we've lived, held in our lungs
Released as one

How could we slip through the hands of fate
To follow those who found below
A breath that pulls a flame

A moment holds you
And pours your heart a glass
If you breathe it slowly
The moment grows to serve the whole

In just one moment
We share this space
And find that our bodies grace a lover's breath

The hum that deafens
Is firstly heard
Then felt to steal us from the world
It's sung to raise us
From the ground
And lost to be our favourite sound